Andreas Foxx

Andreas Foxx, a.k.a. Ante the Foxx, evolved in early age a burning interest for electronic music. Since the end of the 90´s he has been dj´ing at clubs, underground parties and festivals around the globe.
His sound has always kept the basic funk and groove, but also with wide range as well as adaption to place and crowd. Everything from slick ´n timeless beats to soulful, jazzy vibes to groovy latin movers, to dirty underground sounds. Always presented with energetic performance and high quality.

During the years he has been on stage with artists like Eric Prydz, Ian Carey,
Kombinat 100, Ian Pooley, Niki Belucci, Samuel L Session, Axel Boman, Joel Alter amongst many others.

Today Andreas Foxx´s sets and productions are focused on true house and techno.
Sessions of funky rhythms, groovy basslines and a lot of playfulness is perhaps the best way to describe his performance´s.

With heavy realeases on Invent Rec., Clubstream, and membership of the Secret
Island Nation Allstar Team, Andreas Foxx is an artist to watch out for!