Fred White

Fred White has been a part of the Swedish techno scene for a long while. On of the co-founders of the 20 year old festival Arvikafestival, electronic music producer and DJ for more than 20 years, Fred really stands out from the rest of us.

Frequent gigs the last two decays at clubs in countries like Germany, Japan, Denmark, England, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland & festivals like Fusion & The Vuuv Experience has shaped Freds sound to move dance floors back and forth, no matter time, size or shape of the ven- ue.

Fred White has made earlier releases on labels like Detached Re- cords Berlin, Warner, CutOff Recordings & Spiral Trax, Echoes Re- cords and Dance & Dust Records.
Fred is a great producer, a big DJ and a man with endless love for the electronic dance music. Fred lives under the motto Music Is My Girlfriend and Love is My Religon