Mikael Monoton

Mikael Monoton has played in clubs / festivals around Europe since 2000, owned the record label Yage Records and is one of the members behind club EMC.

Now he works on his techno project Monoton & Minimal together with Mathias E, which is a mixture of Techno / Tech House, just like his dj sets. The first release was on Miniature Records with Remy Maurin, since several releases on the label Club Stream.

He played the vinyl before but now he is a digigal dj with his Macbook Pro, 2st X1 controllers with tractor scratch pro or CD player. With this, there are no limits to what you can do with songs such as looping, sample & build effect chains, which are massive!

For now, it’s just DJ sets that is relevant but the autumn of 2012 there will be a live set ready.