EMC Booking, Promotion & Management (EMC BPM) is a booking agency focusing on contemporary electronic dance music. We are one hundred percent dedicated to the culture, lifestyle and related music and all together we have an accumulated knowledge about our business (Techno and Tech-House) which stretches way back to the early 90s.

EMC BPM represents a new wave of Swedish producers and DJ’s whose sound we promote as The New Sound of Sweden. These are artists with a unique musical expression and a distinctive way of performing and producing music, artists expected to perform professionally and deliver stunning and entertaining sets at all times. EMC BPM represents a new era, finding its way out in Scandinavia, Europe and the world!

EMC BPM works with a large network of event organizers and our role is to help producers and DJ’s to fetch sought after club gigs, festival appearances and related events worldwide. We work with marketing, we manage bookings and we handle all the legal contracts between the organizer and the artist. Everything is done on behalf of the artist himself and is tailored to suit each individual artist.


In addition to all the above, CEO and founder of EMC BPM (Stellan Granfors) will always respond to requests with a first-class reception.

Stellan himself has been involved in the Swedish electronic club scene since the mid 90′s and is currently one of the prominent figures at the Gothenburg based club EMC

A club he founded back in 2008.